The Web Design Process

The Web Design Process

First - Plan

We sit down and help you determine the direction you want to take your site in. We go over issues like number of pages, page content, logos, design and a number of other technical and design issues. After we have all the information we need we build a detailed quote and submit it to you. This is normally within a few days of our initial meeting. If your unsatisfied with the quote we go back tweaking the details of the quote; balancing between budget, quality and other factors. When we reach a mutual point of satisfaction and the quote is accepted we move on to the design phase.

Second - Design

Usually within a week we complete the basic design and layout of the site. We then submit this to you for approval. If your satisfied with the basic design we move on to the development phase.

Third - Build

Then we move through the design, building each page and adding the content. As we move along in the process we communicate with you where we're at and give you opportunities to view the progress as it's being made. The length of time it takes to complete this phase varies depending on the size of the site, the kind of content and many other factors. For a small to medium size site (1-20 pages) this generally take 7-10 days.

Fourth - Launch

Once the site is finished and you have given your final approval we launch the site.

Fifth - Promote

We promote your site through social media channels like Facebook. We launch any paid Search Engine Marketing campaigns. We submit for site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. And we start working on an external linking campaign.
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