Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM or Search Engine Marketing? SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic to your website through visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This can be accomplished through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or paid search display advertising. At Danny Paul Design we're knowledgeable in PPC (Pay Per Click) display advertising through major search engines. We can design and deploy a search engine advertising campaign that meets all your needs.

Social Media Marketing

Your advertising campaign can reach much further than just SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Social Media Marketing through social networking sites are a fertile ground for advertising today. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among some of the most visited sites on the internet. Business owners are often not sure where to start or how to use social media sites to promote their businesses. Or they may find it to be a task that's just to time consuming. We can build a unique social media marketing strategy that makes sense for your business.

Recent Social Media Marketing Statistics:
53% of Twitter users recommend companies and products in their tweets
74% of B2B companies aggressively using Facebook in social media marketing
57% of companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn
75% of small businesses in the U.S. engage in social media marketing
$3.1 billion will be spent on social media marketing in 2014
B2B spending on social media marketing will rise 67% over the next 3 years
20% of all website visitors to company sites come from social media
2 out 3 people that follow a brand on Twitter will purchase from that brand
66% of marketers saw a rise in search engine rankings due to social media marketing

Email Marketing

With email marketing it's easy for you to connect with your customers. How can an email marketing campaign help your business?
  • Sending out newsletters and press releases.
  • Coupons, promotions and sales.
  • New service and product announcements.
Let us create and maintain an email marketing campaign for you business today.