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How long will it take to build my site?

This can very dependent on the how many pages your site is made up of and how complex the site is to construct. Generally with in 1-2 months of finalizing your quote.

How much will it cost for you to build my website?

The cost of building a website can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. There are countless variables and options available when designing your site. With detailed information about what your exact needs are we can easily give you an fully itemized estimate. Call us for more info.

Who owns my website & domain?

We only work as a subcontractor for you or your business and you fully own your website and domain name.

How do I update my site?

There are two ways to update your site.
1. If we have designed a CMS (Content Management System) for you, then your free to update your site when ever you'd like.
2. If you don't not have a CMS site then you submit your changes to us and we usually make them within a few days.

What's a maintenance agreement?

A maintenance plan has to do with the process of updating your site. This includes updating text, photos, videos or audio or changes to site globally; effecting all the pages on the site i.e the footer, the banner. If we design a CMS system for you then you update your content whenever you'd like.

What different maintenance agreements do you offer?

We offer two different maintenance solutions:
1. $50/mo. or $500/yr. - Up to two updates a month
2. $100/mo. or $1000/yr. - Up to four updates a month
Updates include content change with in pages and social media updates. Major structure site changes are quoted on a per item basis.

What if don't have a maintenance agreement?

If you choose not to sign a maintenance agreement then all changes to your website weather content or structural are determined on a per item basis.

Do you provide web hosting?

If you don't currently have a domain name i.e http://www.example.com or web hosting (rental of server space to place your website) we do offer plans to accommodate your web hosting needs.

What if I don't like the design of my website?

Our aim is to design a website that your complete satisfied with. If previous to the launch of the site you are still unsatisfied with the design we will offer a full post launch payment refund.

Can I move my site to another provider if service is terminated with DPD?

You are full owner of your website and are free to move you site to any provider at any time.
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